Introducing My 5 Loves

Violet Dawn AKA: Squish. She is as good as they come, baby wise I mean. She was born overdue at 42 weeks and almost 10 pounds. Everyone loves to squish on little Squish. Her absolutely favorite thing to do is PINCH! Yes, pinch! I think she is developing her fine motor skills by pinching everyone!

Daisy May AKA: The Wild Card. So anyone that knows Daisy knows that she is a T-R-I-P! She is a wild thang and constantly into EVERYTHING! She is bow-legged because she started walking at 7 months old. She never stops and I even have a little story line on Facebook called #TheDaisyDiaries. And she has the bluest eyes you will ever see!

Next up is Calleigh Alexa Blake AKA: Miss Sassy Pants. She is my mini me from head to toe, sass and all I hate to admit. She like to wear mismatch socks and has her own style, not sure what kind of style it is, but it is definitely hers. I am afraid of the day that the school calls me to ask what my child is wearing Haha. She has a heart of gold and loves to be in front of my camera, with her “to die for” dimples!

Next, there is Skylar Blake Anthony AKA: Baby Boy. He is the man of the house. Pssshhhh yeah right, he is a big old baby. He loves for his “sissys” to wait on him hand and foot. And the thing of it is, they actually do! He is my silly child. He will break out in song and dance at the drop of a hat. And boy can he hold a tune!

Lastly, but not least, is Jason Thomas. AKA: My Rock. He is my amazing fianc√© who is currently almost done with his Medical Laboratory Science Degree with an emphasis on Chemistry. Yeah he is sort of a smarty pants! Best of all, he always tolerates me saying “hang on, let me get a picture of that!” Haha! He is my rock and my support through all the craziness of being a full time mom, and a full time photographer. I would not be where I am today without his love and support!


Well that is my little family in a nutshell, emphasis on nut! 


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